Fusion of Japanese Culture and Overseas Technology

Small and Medium Enterprises, which account for more than 99% of the world's total number of companies, work hard under the worldwide straitened circumstances. We, ATLAS COMPUTER, also work believing that what revitalizes our economies is to energize those kinds of enterprises.

KIZUNA is the name of our core project.
Along with this word symbolizing strong ties of family and peers,
ATLAS COMPUTER would like to promote your business together.

The Japanese development originates from "Bushido", which is dedicating
the self to righteousness, and their flexible ways of thinking like Japanese
spirit with Western learning. Respect and learning our tradition and culture
and studying foreign knowledge, we always act.

Let's do work together for moving forward and giving energy to the world.


Main Business


On-site / Outsourcing

We offer persons of talent quite helpful for your system development.

Application Development

We think a good application for enterprises is being able to create profits. We offer a maximum profit of a minimum necessary application development mainly composed of open source software and marketing.


High value-added businesses begin when each of established businesses put together. We offer value creation by "matching" techniques in abundant interaction inside and outside Japan.

Marketing Promotion

It is a pity that there are substantially excellent products people do not know. We will support you for getting more of your targets to find your products.


Quality verification service

Quality verification service

Evaluation that stands in not developer's subjectivity but product userview, prevention of mistake by misunderstanding and prejudice by reading specifications etc. as a third party and man-hour reduction by an efficient test planning

Japanese Markets Consulting

Japanese Markets Consulting

A key to entering the Japanese market is "Delivering the world's technology with Japanese Quality". We always provide suggestions to you overseas enterprises until they make a success of their business in Japan. We support selling your products, offering their customization for Japan, assisting exhibiting them in Japan and do what you would like us to do.



SGALER is the data center which was intact even when the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred. Considering manners of operations, convenience of management and a future replacement, we propose an optimal plan for everyone and rates server.



We are the authorized distributor of PIP-Maker. This is an ASP service of simple presentation video production which is that an avatar in the video reads out materials of PowerPoint. There are uncountable situations where PIP-Maker can play an active role on your website, exhibitions and point-of-sale ads. We provide proposals which bring maximum effects of PIP-Maker.



MakeUpOnline is a Makeup simulator rooted in an automatic person recognition system security from France. This is a service of showing images of users' make-up finish provided by casing or ASP service. We prepare for its propotional demo, incorporate the service in your website, and support your business like developments customized by OEM.