Recovery Assistance 1 from The Great East Japan Earthquake May 4, 2012 - May 5, 2012

We, Disaster Assistance, created the plan of "Recovery Assistance 1 from The Great East Japan Earthquake" for the purpose of visiting and interaction with people in the affected areas under our representative's idea of letting more of our staff members perceive what the Great East Japan Earthquake was. We write down a report of supporting the Kesennuma Recovery Mall event of soup-run held in Kesennuma-shi, Miyagi prefecture, by "Medical Corporation Suiseikai Shibata Hospital" from Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Fishing Boat Swept Away by The Tsunami in Inland

While the debris of the peripheral has been cleaned up, this fishing boat has been left as it was. There is a plan of making the peripheral area a memorial park where this fishing boat will be a monument. We hope it will keep watching the recovery of Kensennuma-shi forever.

The Peripheral of The Kesennuma Recovery Mall

1 year has passed after the Great East Japan Earthquake, scars of the tsunami are still without disappear yet. The peripheral of the Kesennuma recovery mall has many buildings like this photo. Seems it will take much time to the full recovery.

Murasaki Shrine and Murasaki Hall Utilized As A Refugee

Since it is a higher place than the mall area, it's got little affected by the Tsunami,
and many people used it as a refugee. For now, it is the office of Kesennuma recovery mall
and people taking part in volunteers use is as an accommodataion.
We also used it this time.

Kesennuma Recovery Mall, Minami-cho Murasaki Ichiba

There stands a good temporary mall where there was nothing when we visited last Sepetember. It is the largest temporary mall in Kesennuma-shi and crowded with lots of people. The staff welcomed us with their good smiles. As reported by the media like TV, it has never been easy to recover to this level. What the most recovery assistance for them is coming here for sightseeing from all over the world.

Supporting The Event

 Under the instruction of the office, We did everything we can such as carrying tables, chairs and luggage to a event hall, showing the road as a guide and acting as rice presenters.

Supporting The Soup-run of Shibata Hospital

After greeting with the staff of Shibata hospital, we began to prepare for soup-run.
Shibata hospital did measurement of blood pressure, nutrition consultations, counseling of insurance, medical care and welfare, and mental health care as well as soup-run.
They came here by ambulance from Yamaguchi prefecture which is about 1500km away from here.
The number of the staff here was more than 10 including the director.What a cool ambulance is!


Clad with the happi coat of Shibata hospital, we began the soup-run event. We distributed Chirashi-Zushi, sumashi-jiru, grilled chicken, seafood barbecue.

Medical Consultations

The medical consultation corner was crowded with lots of people. It was an impression that the director of Shibata hospital himself also diagnosed them and did heartwarming consultations. We felt we want to make events which contribute to people in the affected areas all the more for seeing the action of Shibata hospital

The End of The Event

Thanks to them, we could experience a truly invaluable opportunity.

We, the 4 staff members, could learn important things through the 1st recovery assistance from the Great East Japan Earthquake. Above all, the ties with people in the affected areas, the members of the Kesennuma recovery mall and Shibata hospital are the most unforgettable and irreplaceable. Our feeling is full of gratitude because people in the affected areas gave us the following word "If earthquakes occur where you live, we will go saving you!". "Kizuna", "絆" written in Japanese, is the word we think the most valuable and beautiful. Pursuing its true meaning, we will move forward. We are angry with some organizations which have earnend money just for themselves by harnessing the invaluable word "Kizuna" under the name of recovery assistances since the earthquake occured. However, we continue to take action to realize the truth of "Kizuna". We will do recovery assistances again.