Recovery Assistance 2 from The Great East Japan Earthquake Aug.11, 2012 - Aug.12, 2012

3 months after the 1st recovery assistance, we participated in the summer festival held by Kesennuma recovery mall. Although we could not do as large events as the soup-run and medical consultations held by Shibata hospital, we created an small event which inherits their will and our learning. Under the theme "We want children in the affected areas happier.

Kesennuma Minato Festival - About 2 Years Since The Last Time

It has been 1 year and 5 months since the earthquake. The largest festival in the Kesennuma distict was held the first time after the last one 2 years ago.
Celebrating the big catch and safety of the navigation, people in Kesennuma showed their will to swear the repose of souls and recovery from the earthquake.
We could get the enthusiasm of Kesennuma spirit saying "We will make Kesennuma stand up again!" from the huge fireworks launched at night

Summer Festival of Kesennuma Recovery Mall, Minami-cho Murasaki Ichiba

The summer festival was held by Kesennuma Recovery Mall, which was crowded with lots of people. The staff of the mall looked so busy working for customers but so glad for the greater success than expected. Many events were held such as talk shows, concerts, recitals, Japanese drum shows, soup-runs by volunteer groups and enterprises, sales of souvenirs made by people in the affected areas and games for children. We also did an event which enjoy children and their family in the affected areas in a rent space.

Distributing Long Popular Sweats

To enjoy children and their family together, we put a corner where they can experience our representative product "Make-up simulator", which shows your make-up face by taking your photo, and distributed cheap sweats to children of their parents who visited us. We prepared for 100 packs and tens of people came to see us although it suddenly rained amid the event. After the end of the event, we distributed all the remained cheap sweats to children who came to the festival. It was invaluable for the members of 2nd recovery assistance to talk with and listen to people in the affected areas and to see their smiles.

The Peripheral of The Mall

As compared with the last time we visited, it is cleaned up but there remain some buildings hit by the tsunami as they are. Moreover, Many residential places still remain clear for the delays of the recovery plans.

This is the 2nd time of our recovery assistances and 8 staff members, some of whom are the 1st time to visit the affected areas, joined it. Each of them could see what the present situation is by visiting there. The affected areas are yet to be recovered enough as time has passed. What we, like a small enterprise, can do is not huge but we will continue to live with people there to get back their active spirit and to achive the true recovery.