Recovery Assistance 4 from The Great East Japan Earthquake May 4, 2014 - May 6, 2014

The purpose of the 4th time is to give our smiles to children there from our passion for the affected area. Our activity was activating the festival for children in Kesennuma. At that day, there were many cheerful children and we could work on planing and running the festival with the staff of the Kesennuma Reconstruction Mall. We could visit "Kesennuma Reconstruction Mall", "Hamakaze Mall" and "Minami Sanriku Sansan Mall", the first two of which we are in charge of in running their websites. We report the fourth recovery assistance after the Great East Japan Earthquake here. (8 staff members participated.)

Kesennuma Reconstruction Mall(Minamimachimurasaki market) - GW festival

Following the last year, "GW festival!!" hosted by a Kesennuma Reconstruction Mall took place and there were more people having a good time there. We were happy to see them really enjoy the event: Japanese traditional taiko drum performance, dancing performance, huge lottery, and Kesennuma famous character "Hoya Boy".

Kesennuma Reconstruction Mall(Free cheap sweats shop) - Preparation Part

After communicating with people of Kesennuma Mall, we set up the venue at the facility named "cadocco" used by children in Kesennuma. We opened the boxes filled with cheat sweats, we bought in Tokyo and sent them to Kesennuma beforehand, and we were surprised that the numbers were beyond our expectation. A cute boy got interested in our working and came to help us. We felt like "This must be very good for everyone!"

Kesennuma Reconstruction Mall (Free cheap sweats shop) - Action Part

First, we provided children with a 200-yen ticket for sweats they like and a game ticket for small darts, bowling or lottery. On the other hand, we prepared for fashionable chocolates for free to enjoy adults as well. Lots of people visited our shop and seem to have fun!

Kesennuma Reconstruction Mall (Free cheap sweats shop) - Final Part

It turned rainy in the evening but our shop was inside a building so a few children came to play with us. We think it was a great goodness to see local children's smiles, hear the word of "Thank you" from them, and to be able to enjoy them in our shop. We had a good experience through this activity so we are full of the feeling, "Thank you very much."

Kesennuma Reconstruction Mall - Extra Part

At night after our shop closed, we held a party for ourselves! Mr. Sakamoto, a staff of Kesennuma Reconstruction Mall Office, came to join us though busy. He talked about current problems derived from the situation of the earthquake, troubles on temporary construction shops, what we cannot get to know as long as we are in Tokyo. There still remain many problems such as piling up the areas, fishery ships and seawalls, constructing stable mall buildings for temporary malls although the reconstruction has been going forward. Each of our members seemed to feel like it would take tremendously much time for the reconstrucgtion and we have to keep doing what we can for supporting it.

Around Kesennuma Reconstruction Mall

Streets have got clear but we could see bases of broken houses remained as it occured to them and delays of reconstruction plans. "Dai 18 Kyotokumaru", a huge fishery ship washed to the land of Kesennuma, was moved away.

Hamakaze Mall

Lots of people came here and this mall also was full of cheerfulness. In front of shops, they selled glasses of beer, grilled chicken and frankfurters. We had a good time there. They said, "Come to drink and eat!" so we did it gladly.

Around Hamakaze Mall

A festival was held around the nearby seashore. There were men carrying a portable shrine on their shoulders and the festival was crouded with people from young to old.