Terms of Use


Article 1. Application of the Terms of Use

Atlas Computer Inc. and 4COLORS Inc.(referred to as the "Company" below) set the terms concerning the use of "PIP-Maker" (referred to as the "the Terms of Use" below) to provide the Services (referred to as "Services" below) on the basis of this. The person who receives provision of the Services (referred to as "User" or "Users" below) needs to accept all of the conditions set in the Terms of Use. The contents of the Terms of Use are due to the following provisions.

Article 2. Amendments to Terms

The Company may amend the Terms of Use at its own discretion. In this case, the providing conditions of the Services would in accordance with the present terms of use after the change.

Article 3. Notification to the user

Notification that is about the amendments to the Terms of Use and important matters of the Services could be carried out in one of the following methods that depend on the judgement of us.

  1. It would be posted on the website of the Services.
    - In this case, it shall be deemed that the notice to all users is completed when it would be posted on the website.
  2. We send an email to the email address that you report to us when you apply to use or after the application.
    - In this case, it shall be deemed that the notice to all users is completed when the email is sent.
  3. We notify to all users in a way that we consider it is appropriate.
    - In this case, it shall be deemed that the notice to all users is completed at the time that we specify in the notice.

Article 4. Contents of the Services

The contents of the Services shall set forth below and details of contents shall set forth on the website separately.

  1. We may grant the Services to in non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-reusable license (hereinafter referred to as "license") to the user based on the product manual specifications during the period of use of the Services. The provision of the Services is not selling the product but selling the license to the user.
  2. We may issue the Services dedicated account (ID and password) along with giving the license to the user per the provision of the Services. When the user obtains a plurality of licenses, we may set the upper limit as the number of licenses granted to the user and issue multiple accounts up to its upper limit.
  3. Audio playback function of text speech on the Services is available only in the extent of the license. We decline the use of audio files to other the Servicess.
  4. We provide technical support and inquiry reception during our business hours to the user. Those would be provided by e-mail.

Article 5. Regulation

Based on the Terms of Use, with the exception of the right to be licensed to the user, the rights or benefits of the Services shall not be given to any user. User must not conduct the following actions when using the Software.

  1. Use the Services without complying with our instructions and specifications.
  2. Patent infringement, decomposition, imitation, decompile, change and revision of the Services and make derivatives.
  3. Provide or share ID and password that assigned to User to other third party.
  4. use various types of information of the Services in the illegal transfer purpose (e.g. the transfer of files that infringe copyright).
  5. Use the Services in the unlawful purposes (including a patent application, copyright infringement).
  6. Sell, rent, lease, sublicense and transfer the rights given to User on the Services.
  7. Release the Services to the media to such without client's consent.
  8. Sell the recording media or download video such as DVD/CD without our permission.

Article 6. Change of notification matters

When change occurs in the matters which the User sent to us at the time of the apply for a using the Services or after that, the User should report According to our procedure without delay. If the User has suffered a disadvantage to miss a notification of change or to delay, we assume no responsibility.

Article 7. Method of use purchase, etc.

When you purchase the Services,you should be performed by the purchase method in which we determined separately. With the point at which we accept the purchase , the contract of the Services is established between the User and the Company.

Article 8. Non-acceptance of the use of purchase

If the User of the Services is corresponded to any of the following items , we may not accept the purchase.

  1. the contract user is a minor , and upon purchase of the Services ,he not the consent of the parental authority.
  2. Upon purchase , there was a clerical error or omission or false statements in the declaration matters.
  3. At the time of purchase ,the purchaser is being suspended for the Services by the violations of the Terms of Service,or It received a suspension in the violations of the past to the present Terms of Use,or It was found that has been released to use contract of the Services.

Article 9. Use cancellation of the Services by the User

Use the period of the Services is defined by the each license period that we established. Also, at the time of the end of the license period, it will be available canceled.

Article 10. Temporary use interruption, etc.

The Company be able to suspend the all of the Services or the part of this one in the case of advance or emergency to the User is notified after the fact, if any of the events of the following has occurred.

  1. If the equipment that needs provide the Services is carried out the maintenance and inspection  regularly or emergency.
  2. If the equipment that needs to provide the Services is broken.
  3. If Providing the Services is difficult, because of the Power failure , fire , earthquake and other force majeure
  4. Others , if the rational reason for not be able to provide the Services has occurred

The company does not undertake any responsibility to the User or any other person with respect to temporary interruption or pause. The Company be able to terminate the provision of the Services,with a certain notice period for the User. In this case, The company does not undertake any responsibility to the User or any other person.

Article 11. Use stop

The Company be able to use stop of the Services without prior notice to user, if there is a possibility that the User falls under any of the following,or just Pertinent.

  1. If the license period of the service that a user purchased has passed.
  2. If the company judged the User has committed an act that violates this Terms of Service.
  3. If we don't know the location of the User or don't contact to the one , because of attributable to the User , such as a failure to notify the contact change.
  4. If the User interfere with the operation of the Services or damage our honor credit.
  5. Regardless of the reason ,if the User does not pay the usage fee after the lapse of the payment due date.
  6. Other , if the Company has determined to be inappropriate as a user.

Article 12. Cancellation of using the Services

If the user who is suspended using the Services does not remedy the fact, despite receiving the notice requesting to remedy the fact, we will cancel the use of the the Services in accordance with the provisions of Article 11 (use stop).

Article 13. Payment obligation of the usage fee

At the time the service contract has been concluded, the user must pay a fee for the Services provided by the Company on the basis of the service contract.

Article 14. Payment Method

Payment method and the amount of the fee applies to the amount of money the Mycommerce is separately determined. The user shall pay the fee in accordance with the settlement method of Mycommerce. Furthermore Customized plan applies to what the Company is separately determined.

Article 15. Interest for delay

When a user do not pay usage charge has to be paid and other debts by the date of payment, the settlement business agent company charges the user for the interest for delay. In that case, the Company shall not bear any responsibility for that.

Article 16. Acquisition of user personal information

The Company acquires personal information of a user provided in the purchase of the Services and information about the individual of the user whom we know in conjunction with the offer of this service. (“Personal information” means information about a living individual, the information contains a full name, the date of birth and other descriptions that enable the identification of the specific individual, according to “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” Article 2. It is called "personal information" as follows.) The user shall agree to this.

Article 17. Protection of personal information

The Company considers protection of the personal information. In addition to this Article, about the handling of our personal information The Company does in accordance with privacy policy on website of the Services. The Company can disclose personal information to third parties without taking any responsibility in the following cases. However, by reporting in the Company prescribed manner, the user can stop or resume the use of the following (6).

  1. If the user has agreed about what to disclose the personal information of the self
  2. If the Company is asked to disclose information of the user by the authorized government based on the laws and regulations
  3. If the Company disclose personal information to third parties which is required to appropriately manage personal information by contracts, etc. for the purpose of smoothly providing a service and improving the Services
  4. If the Company disclose statistical personal information ( Information group that individuals can’t be identified ) which is gathered for the purpose of grasping the utilization movement of the Services
  5. If necessary due to technical or economic improvements of this service
  6. If the Company send the information about the products and the Services which provided by the Company or partners third party to the user
  7. Other, if necessary for the management of the Services

Article 18. Management responsibility of PIN (PersonalIdentification Number)

Users will set up their own PIN to use the Services. This agreement shall be construed users can change their own PIN along the company’s prescribed procedure. Users shall manage PIN on their own responsibility, and the company will not take any responsibility of any damage which is due to users’ fault or unauthorized use by a third person, etc. Users do not only make a third person to use their own PIN, but also they do not lend, transfer or etc. theirs to others. In addition, if users notice theft of others’ PIN or unauthorized use by a third person, users do report those effect to the company immediately. When the company give any instruction to a participant about matters above, he shall follow it. When users forget their own PIN, users can no longer use the service. On the other hand, users will follow the company’s instruction about any questions of PIN.

Article 19. Regulation of ethics

The company considers sufficiently about handling of contents with the fear which hinders young people's (in particular, minors) sound growth, contents contrary to good public order and customs, contents contrary to public welfare and the program by which many persons feel a hate sense in case of this servicing aswell as when there is fear which hinders young people's sound growth in particular, try to take several measures in our responsibility about the onepublic committee or engine authorized.

Article 20. Immunity from responsibility

As far as there is no particular regulation in this term of service, the company will not take any responsibility of users’ damage which is due to suspension or abolition based on the Term of Use, any changes of this, cancellation of contract, or any damage of users which is due to any reason that is not blamed on the company and related to users’ conflict with a third person.

  1. When the company owes liability for damage to users in relation to use of the service for us, the range of the compensation for damage makes the corresponding amount the upper limit for 1-month fee for use any kind of case. Provided, the company will not take responsibility for expansion damage of special damage, collateral damage, indirectdamage and other expanded damage which occur regardless of whether there is thecompany’s predictability or not.
  2. As far as there is no particular regulation in the Term of Use, the company will not take any responsibility to users or any other persons for regardless ofmalfunction, the trouble of the facilities which are necessary for offer of theservices, injustice invasion by a third party, dispute on commercial transaction and other causes which are due to use of the services.
  3. The company will not guarantee integrity, accuracy and utility of information provided through the services.
  4. The company will not guarantee result of use which is sort of information that users or a third person acquire through the services, and insure the damages as well.
  5. if users owe responsibility of failure and damage the company, users shall take responsibility to compensate damage for us regardless of whether there is a valid contract or not.
  6. When the services will not work regardless of appropriate operating process on the instruction, Only during the period of use, the company shall correspond to exchange and repair the services. Provided, additional installations including hard devices and a sound file for upload of a microphone for necessary PowerPoint filing and recording at all about all kinds' necessary modules to use this service are not guaranteed.

Article 21. Prohibited Acts

Customers are prohibited from doing acts regulated in clauses below in using the Services

  1. Infringements and any other risks cause violation of copyrights. neighboring rights and any other rights of the company and others
  2. Slandering and defamation of other customers and outsiders
  3. Any interference in the Services
  4. Any violations of regulations. public order and morals
  5. Any criminal acts and risks cause offense
  6. Defamation which cause less credibility and unprofitability of the company. other customers or outsiders
  7. Transferring. licensing and selling rights or establishment of the right of pledge for guarantees as a person entitled
  8. Transmitting and publishing information without truth.
  9. Using this service with spoofing
  10. Violation of this agreement
  11. Any acts which encourage infringements in each of all issues above.
  12. Any acts which could cause infringements come under each of all issues above.
  13. Any other inappropriate acts which violate the Terms of Use.

Article 22. Attribution of all copy rights of the Services

All copy rights of the Services will be possessed by the company or third parties who possess the rights which include the corporate logo. the trademark. all copy rights of videos and images made with the Services and all information we provide. All copy rights and intellectual property rights we provide through the Services will belong to the company without any exceptional regulations and reasons. In addition. all layouts. designs. copy rights and intellectual property rights of their structure as integrated information are possessed by the company.

Article 23. Outsourcing and resale

It is possible for the company to entrust third parties to accomplish whole or partial business which includes sales representation of the Services under our responsibility.

Article 24. A proper law and jurisdiction

The Terms and Use is interpreted with all legislation in japan. Customers have to approve the Tokyo district court as the first trial court if they are in any legal disputes because of the service.

Article 25. Subjects of discussion

In case of any incidents which is not included in the Terms and Use. both parties in a dispute have to discuss to settle it with the most sincerity. (the Terms and Use will be brought into operation in June 2016). All inquiries about this agreement and complaints will be accepted by the company's customer support centre via the e-mail address below.

Customer support centre:pip@atlas-co.co.jp
The operating organization:
Atlas Computer Co..Ltd.
The manufacturer
4COLORS Co..Ltd.