Message from The President

Toward The Growth of SMEs

Takeharu Konagaya
His first carrier is at MEITEC and is
affiliated with the Personnel Department,
the Management Department and a
secretary to the director. Afterwards, he
began a business but failed it in one year.
He worked at a software company and
became a managing director. As the second
try, he established ATLAS COMPUTER.
Since he was 5 years old when he suffered
from a heart-disease and could survive by
one of the most difficult operations where
many good-faith and unrelated people
donated blood for him, and since he was
persuaded by his parents when he was
going to kill himself when he failed
the first business and suffered from debt,
he realized the importance of "helping
each other" greatly and found what he had
to do originally by getting back to his
starting point and thinking what life
should be. Therefore, what he put on the
management ideology of ATLAS COMPUTER
is "Sekishin": a pure heart of a baby like
open-heartedness, sincerity and good faith.
Respecting the Japanese culture and
tradition, he promotes a business, which
leads to a high evaluation from foreign
He likes musical theatre appreciation,
travelling and movie appreciation.
I have been affected by many stories of entrepreneurs and successful people. I feel a person cannot live just on his or her own and people cannot live without others. So are people who have any power, authority , asset, or status. It is true in business as well. The concept of helping each other is little seen because business consists of competence. However, it is not true in the IT industry so I decided to deal with this kind of business.

Sekishin is a word meaning by open-heartedness, sincerity and good faith. My belief is that doing business is dealing with customers, my employees and partners in good faith. It will lead to everyone's more happiness which is the most interest of doing business and could contribute to my company's growth.

Small and medium enterprises in the world have been doing their best under the tough economic climate and employment conditions. Markets are being more increasingly globalized in the 21th century, which makes not only major cooporations but also small and medium enterprises drastically closer to the world. Under the situation, ATLAS COMPUTER leverages its IT development know-hows and quality control to support customers' businesses. Software quality is one of the most important requirements for customers and the bases of our own brand image. ATLAS COMPUTER meets customers' needs in terms of quality such as software performance tuning which is the field the Japanese are originally good at. We support customers aiming for entering the Japanese markets in many-sided ways. ATLAS COMPUTER is one of the small and medium enterprises whose performance is quite more quick than giant companies. We act flexibly and swiftly for any request and utilize our own know-hows to the best ideas for each customer. In addition, ATLAS COMPUTER advises customers focusing on the Asian markets.

The economy in the world is expected to keep going worse. The idea of coexisting will be more important than the capitalism. Not the values that profits are the most priority but the spirit of helping each other will be a key to break through the severe situation and make society better. Therefore, ATLAS COMPUTER does business under the scheme of leading supports of customers to our growth.
I think ALTAS COMPUTER should become the best model in all the small and medium companies in the world and would like to succeed becoming a trigger to cheer up them.

Takeharu Konagaya