Improving Residential Environments from The Earthquake Apr.1st,2011

Started Website Seeking Residences Accepting Those Affected

First, as an IT entrepreneur, with other close companies, we started a website seeking residences accepting those affected for the purpose of supporting to improve their residential environments.


Started Website Seeking Offices for Those Affected

Second, we also started a website seeking temporary offices to keep those affected able to run
or to resume the businesses of those affected


Improving Communication Environments from The Earthquake Impacts Aug.3rd,2011

Aids from Foundation Franco-Japonaise Sasakawa

As the first step of the business recovery we can do,
we began to support recovering "communication environments for business" because we got to know the business recovery were yet to keep up with the situation when we visited and listened to the affected ones.
We provided the below things.
- Recycle PCs presented by Anchor Network Service ,Inc
- Mobile communication cards
- Service of domain registration and e-mail use on the internet
We distributed them as a free package of communication environment improvement kits.

Foundation Franco-Japonaise Sasakawa
We were introduced to Foundation Franco-Japonaise Sasakawa by Calexium, whose products and services we distribute.
We told them our above plan and they willingly supported us.
Finally, we could provide more kits to people in the affected areas.

Started A Team of Improving Communication Environments in The Great East Japan Earthquake

We started a team of improving communication environments and visited those in the affected areas constantly in order to get closer to them.
We contact local goverments, universities, chambers of commerce and industry, NPOs and various organizations, support the business recovery by communication environment improvement kits, and look for better aids.

The acitivity was picked up on Fukkou-Kamaishi Shimbun, local newspaper
Click the pic to see the larger one


There is a writing error of in Foundation Franco-Japonaise Sasakawa on the article.
Incorrect: Sasakawa Heiwa Zaidan
Correct: Sasakawa Nichi-Futsu Zaidan

We will keep finding what we can do and put it into action promptly.
So contact us if you are going to take action together.

Supporting SMEs from The Earthquake Jan.24th,2012

Started Portal Website for SME Resume Assistance in The Affected Areas

We started a website for SMEs and shops aiming for their recoveries and resume in the affected areas. We will continue to support the affected areas by visiting or moving for them directly and by the web or moving for them indirectly.