Our Business

◇ Software Development

Our Skill Map

○ ProgrammeLanguage

 Java / PHP / JavaScript / Ruby / Python / Android-Java / C / C++ / Pro*C / C# / VB / VB.NET / VB Script / ASP.NET / PL/SQL / VBA / Perl / Powershell / FW(Spring) /FW(Struts) / FW(独自) / ActionScript / jQuery /Ajax / HTML / JP1 / Delphi / PowerBuilder / SAS / COBOL / PL-1

○ Database

 Oracle / SQL Server / DB2 / Access / PostgreSQL / MySQL / IMS / SQLite / HiRDB / ADABAS / Symfoware / XDM

○ Server

 LINUX / AWS / Node.js

○ Applications

 Android-Java / Kotlin / Swift

Process:Requirement definition > Design > Development > Test > Maintenance
Industry:Telecommunications, Finance, Public Service, Distribution, Medical, Service, suppressing, Network

・Resident development

In order to strengthen security and improve productivity, we are going to visit our client's development team and develop systems. We will organize our experienced staff in various fields who is excellent as your team for development for developing the system.

・Entrusted development

In order to solve the resource shortage of IT engineers, we undertake contract development. We undertake development commensurate with customer's request with responsibility and we are developing low cost and high quality with our company and our overseas partner.

◇ IT Support

・System Test / Quality Assurance

System testing in system development is a very important process. Our company contributes to the improvement of the quality of your development project by specialized system test team. As a quality assurance department, there is also a specialized team. They provide technical support for quality assurance from development process to products.

・Helpdesk / Data-Input / Offshore Support

Although there are various operations incidental to system development, we support such as help desk, data input, offshore support and so on. At the help desk, we will respond to customers after the system is released, and we will contribute to better product by feeding back issues and requests to the development team. For data input, we will try to improve the efficiency of our customers' business by inputting data that is not systemized. With offshore support, we support foreign languages ​​for contact with overseas development teams and inquiries from overseas customers

◇ WEB Development

We organize the current problems on your web site, and lead the web site to success. In addition, in the case of launching a new website, we will support from planning in consideration of business strategy.

・WEB-site  / Design Creation

We aim at "web design for achieving purpose" which unites beauty and logic. While making full use of the latest technology, we will develop production on the basis of "information architecture". We will construct a method to achieve the purpose of the website most efficiently and most strongly from the structure.

・EC-site Creation / Operation

Do you want an online shop that just you can sell? Or is it a profitable online shop? We propose the second one by CMS. CMS stands for "Contents Management System". By introducing CMS, the person in charge of the web site does not have to acquire knowledge such as HTML, and can be easily updated from a browser. We propose the best tailor-made CMS development tailored to your web business strategy.

・Mobile Applications Development

We propose mobile sites and applications that meet your needs. We will listen to customers' marketing strategies and targets, and respond to requests from planning to development, construction and operation. Based on CRM, we propose apps and sites that can deliver good results to your target. In operation, we analyze the application and the site, and we will make suggestions for further results.