Logo Concepts

We express our various feelings as a logo. It is a manifestation of the desire to keep our thoughts constantly remembered.


The reason why A, T, L, A and S are connected.

A, T, L. A, and S are connected.

That means we hope that we hold hands together and cooperate with everyone.

The feeling that we put in the gradation

We express human personality with gradation.
We want to help everyone, without being held by age and gender, race, nationality etc...

Blue expressing the vast nature such as the sky, the sea, the earth

Blue tone for expressing the sky, the sea, the earth.

Let's appreciate the earth in the vast nature. And let's cooperate with everyone.

The feeling put in the number 3,
"We want to value the basic".

Three spheres contain three meanings associated with "3".

Three spheres of logo

The number "3" is an important figure both physically and mathematically.

Number, color, shadow and light of each sphere expresses that three objects, three primary colors, 3D.

We value the foundation and basic.

The giant "Atlas" who is supporting the earth.
We want to supporting "Atlas".

The giant "Atlus" appearing in Greek mythology
In Greek mythology, he plays a role of supporting the earth.

We would like to support this giant atlas who is giant with computer technology.

"Atlas" also means "world map".
It also means that we want to develop business in the world.

We don't want to lose Japanese style.
We are proud to be a Japanese.

We dare mention the alphabet "COMPUTER" in Mincho type.
We have a strong feeling that "We won't lose something like Japanese style".

We won't lose Japanese style and develop to the world.