President Message

People cannot live by themselves, either in ordinary living or in business

I have been influenced by listening to stories of many entrepreneurs and successful people. Of course also from my own experience. I think that people can live by helping each other. No matter how powerful person or no matter how wealthy they are, they cannot live by themselves. They should also be supported by someone.

I think this is the same for business. In business, we are premised on competition, so it may be difficult to feel the concept of mutual assistance. Now, I want everyone to remember the common sense of coexistence.

Since the IT industry is engaged in many industries, we can support many customers. That's why I am involved in the business of this industry.

Energize SMEs in Japan! Our company has also grown step by step.

Recently Japanese SMEs are doing their best in a tough economic environment. Japan's small and medium enterprises account for 99% of the total number of companies, and it is no exaggeration to say that most Japanese companies are small and medium enterprises. I believe that Japan's economy will also be revitalized if you enrich this small business.

In recent years, thanks to the development of the Internet, the success of business has not necessarily been proportional to the scale of the enterprise has become an era. In other words, even a small company can succeed and become a big company.

We have been promoting business from small capital. It was a business plan that balancedly considered the growth of each employee and the development of the company. Furthermore, in this business plan, I first thought about creating an environment where employees can work until retirement age. In order to realize it, we focused not only on Japan but also overseas, and diversified the economic risks of Japan.

I would like to be a good example of Japanese SMEs, and be able to support other SMEs.

In the world, the way of thinking about diversification is advancing, I respect it. Each person has a different personality, and each person has good or weak points. In Japan's standardized education so far, it is not easy to create new technological innovations and services ahead of the times.

In order to create technological innovation and innovation, it is necessary to develop business that makes full use of personnel with diverse personality. I think it will be a new way of working in Japan. And that will lead to improved productivity in Japan, and you will be able to help you develop your customers.

I think that our company should be a good example of small and medium enterprises. I would like to succeed so that I can become one opportunity to rejuvenate Japanese SMEs.

President Takeharu Konagaya