Support to SMEs

Sales Promoting, Earnings

We'd like to propose a proposal to increase sales using IT.

We can solve these troubles

  • "I would like to sell even outside business hours."
  • "I want to develop it nationwide."
  • "I would like to accept inquiries outside business hours by other means."
  • "I want the home page of product PR, but I do not know whether I can operate it on my own."

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Cost Saving, Expenses

Do you think "I can not save cost any more"? We will consider our cost reduction measures while proposing a case of cost reduction using IT.

We can solve these troubles

  • "I want to reduce expenses of unnecessary printed materials."
  • "I want to manage documents centrally."
  • "I want to digitize documents but I wonder if they can operate."

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Productivity Improvement

We will verify your business flow and propose to improve productivity by using IT.

We can solve these troubles

  • "I have fixed simple tasks every day, and it spends a lot of time on it annually."
  • "I use the macro of Excel, but feel that it does not reach the itchy place."
  • "I'd like to consult whether I can automate some of my work."

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Security Measures

Security measures are very important. We will propose security measures commensurate with your business and IT.

We can solve these troubles

  • "I would like to provide secure security services for customers."
  • "I would like to implement necessary and sufficient security measures from cost-effectiveness."
  • "I want to appeal to customers that my service is safe."
  • "I want to protect my home page from being tampered with."

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